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Ours is a sharing era. Social networking sites have opened up new ways of sharing all kinds of private information, so much so that the divulgation of a variety of personal details on the internet has become second nature to many users. However, the more information you pour into the online world, the more at […]
Facebook has admitted that the company gave dozens of tech companies and app developers special access to its users’ data after publicly saying it had restricted outside companies to access such data back in 2015.It’s an unusual clear view of how the largest social networking site manages your personal information. During the Cambridge Analytica scandal revealed March […]
Facebook is installing new controls it says will better inform its members about the way companies are targeting them with advertising, the latest step to quell a public outcry over the company’s mishandling of user data. Starting July 2, Facebook for the first time will require advertisers to tell its users if a so-called data […]
As digital privacy becomes a more pressing issue, Facebook is launching two new initiatives to help small businesses and developers protect their customers’ data. As explained by Facebook: “In this day and age, it’s easier than ever for someone with a great idea to start a new company or develop an app from their kitchen table. But over […]
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday broke his silence on the Cambridge Analytica debacle that has unfolded over the past week, admitting “we made mistakes”. He vowed to step up to the plate when it comes to delivering better data security to Facebook users. Read More:
Facebook wants to become a safer website to visit and realizes it needs to get better at removing objectionable pics and videos. If Facebook has one big, overriding problem, it’s objectionable content. The social network’s billions of users report videos and pictures that violate the website’s terms of service every day and it is up […]
A man who was recently arrested for allegedly impersonating Justin Bieber online in order to get nude photos from minor females is facing child pornography and extortion charges. Bryan Asrary, 24, is charged with posing as the pop star to lure minors into sending nude photos, and then threatening them if they did not send […]
Facebook says it has improved its methods for combating the rise of “revenge porn.” As of today, when users flag an image they suspect was posted without consent, Facebook will take action to prevent the images from being duplicated and re-posted. Revenge porn is the act of posting intimate or sexual images without the subject’s […]
Facebook was used in 32.5 per cent of cyber-bullying cases, including revenge porn and harassment, in Britain last year, prompting fears that the social media platform may be providing a safe haven for those who harass others, the media reported. There was also evidence of sexual abuse, disclosure of revenge porn, aimed at blackmailing or […]
Professional content creators no longer have to manually monitor duplicated videos on Facebook — users can now automatically block them. Facebook is making it easier to stop video theft. On Thursday, the social media platform announced changes to the Rights Manager system that allows business pages to automate a number of actions if duplicate content […]