No. The MAUCORS will only accept reports via the online reporting facility. Reports via telephone, mail, fax, or email will not be accepted.

No, the MAUCORS do not accept anonymous reports. This is to ensure that malicious reporting can be detected and acted on. Please view our Privacy Policy for more details.

Prevention will always be your best line of defense against cyber criminals. Like any other criminal activity, those most vulnerable tend to be the first targeted. The tips below provide basic information on how you can prevent online fraud:

  1. Keep your computer current with the latest patches and updates,
  2. Make sure your computer is configured securely,
  3. Choose strong passwords and keep them safe,
  4. Keep separate passwords for social media accounts and email accounts
  5. Protect your computer with security software,
  6. Protect your personal information,
  7. Online offers that look too good to be true usually are,
  8. Review bank and credit card statements regularly,

Reporting is simple on the MAUCORS. Users will be asked a few questions about the incident. Once a report has been submitted, the MAUCORS will assess the report and will be sent to the appropriate agency for necessary actions.

Every report submitted on the MAUCORS is treated seriously and helps the government agencies to develop a clearer picture of cybercrime affecting Mauritius and develop better prevention advice on new and emerging forms of cybercrime.

There is no need to contact police to follow up on your report. If a law enforcement agency needs further information to investigate your incident, you will be contacted.

No. Technical issues should not be reported on the MAUCORS, which include:

  • Forgotten passwords or blocked accounts
  • VOIP services not working correctly (e.g Skype)
  • Websites access issues (website is not loading properly)
  • Internet connection problems
  • Hardware problems
  • Network problems
  • Printer issues
  • Any other IT technical issue

We do not collect evidence regarding reports. Keep all original documents in a secure location. In case, the Police opens an investigation, investigators may seek that information directly from you. Evidence may include, screenshots, mail receipts; chat room or newsgroup text; credit card receipts; wire receipts; money order receipts; pamphlets or brochures; printed or preferably electronic copies of emails (if printed, include full email header information); printed or preferably electronic copies of web pages.

If you have already lodged a report, you do not need to submit an additional report. You can click on the link sent to you in the confirmation email to track the progress of your incident.

You should firstly report the scam to your bank.

Check your bank account for any suspicious transactions and contact the bank to report the scam. Do not click on any links in the message. The links provided will be to a fake website which may have a similar address to your bank’s real website. The email may also ask you to download security software which is really a virus.

You should also report the scam to the MAUCORS. Please provide as much information as possible about yourself (i.e. name, email address, mailing address etc.) and the perpetrator.

There are many different types of online scams. Learn how to protect yourself by being on the lookout for online scams.

Yes. Be sure to include as much information as possible such as the name of the Fake account and the URL (E.g https://www.facebook.com/……)

Learn more about identity theft, and how you can protect yourself against becoming a victim.

The Mauritian Cybercrime Online Reporting System (MAUCORS) is a national online system that allows the public to report cybercrimes occurring on social media securely. It will also provide advice to help in recognising and avoid common types of cybercrime which takes place on social media websites.

Users can report cybercrimes occurring on social media on MAUCORS including:

  • Online Harassment
  • Hacking
  • Offensive or Illegal Contents (Pornographic materials, child pornography, sexually explicit contents, promotion of racism and terrorism, hate speech, violence and graphic content, spam)
  • Sextortion
  • Identity Theft
  • Cyberbullying
  • Cyber Stalking
  • Online Scams and Frauds
  • Phishing
  • Malware

After submitting your report, you will receive an acknowledgement on screen. A confirmation email with a ticket number will be sent to you as well as a link from which you can view the status of your report.